SEO for Auto Repair Shops

Here at Boston Web Marketing, we pride ourselves on being a leading search engine optimization company on both a local and national level. One of our specializations is increasing the overall web presence for auto repair shops. We do this by employing a number of proven strategies while utilizing the Internet as our main tool. When you sign on with us, you benefit from a bevy of excellent web services. We’ll take the reigns of your entire search engine marketing strategy. This includes social media management, website development, and full-scale search engine optimization. Combined, this triple angle approach will see you climbing the ranks in search engine results and ultimately land you in a coveted spot on the first page.

SEO Services for Auto Repair Shops

In order to improve your standing on the web, optimizing content is crucial. Soon after becoming a client, we’ll narrow down your main services, find the best keywords for your business, and devise a plan for the future. Once all of those details are squared away, your account representative will put the plan in motion. Our stellar reps will go through and update your current website content per proper SEO guidelines while also making certain all new content is thoroughly optimized. They will also ensure your business listing is unified across the web too. When it comes to maintaining your website, we’ve got you covered there as well. Your assigned representative will keep the backend of your website functionally sound, so you don’t have to.

Social Media Management for Auto Repair Shops

We get plenty of clients who initially believe they cannot truly benefit from social media, but this is a vast misconception. With all of the social media channels available to the public these days, having profiles for your business spread across the social media landscape can majorly improve your online presence. Once you sign on, your rep will go over your current social media standing or lack thereof. After identifying the best channels for your specific service, they’ll take control of your business’ social media. The latter includes management of your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp, and any other relevant platforms. By having us steer your social media ship, you can expect your various profiles to be consistently updated and optimized.

Web Design for Auto Repair Shops

We get it, sometimes your website just isn’t cutting it. Luckily for you, Boston Web Marketing offers a sweeping number of web design services. Whether you want to launch an entirely new website for your business or overhaul the one you currently have, we can do that for you. You can have the most optimized content on the planet but if your website is an eyesore, it could very well chase off prospective customers. Avoid that problem altogether by having us inject your website with a completely fresh look.

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If you’re an auto repair shop looking to improve your current placement in search results while also establishing a solid marketing strategy, Boston Web Marketing is the place for you. We work to get you found so you can focus on your business. Curious to learn more about how we can help get your company found? Contact us for a free estimate on SEO services!

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